2019 Breeding


Laila’s father is currently the worlds highest appraised Boerboel in the world on the new linear appraisal system (SABBS, KLEIN SANDFONTEIN JUDGE). Other dogs in her lineage are among the top scoring Boerboel dogs within the breed (i.e. Middelpos Alpha )



Leo is an amazing Boerboel. He received the highest appraisal score in the U.S. in 2017, and maintained that top score among Boerboels appraised in 2018 (NABBA). We look forward to carrying on his line through pairing him with Laila and Raven in 2019.



Raven is our black beauty. Her grandfather was the highest appraised black male Boerboel (Spitsvuur Ramkat). Raven has now had two litters of amazing Boerboel pups, and we have incorporated some of them into our breeding program. 


Fall 2019 – LEO & LAILA

The much anticipated litter of puppies from Leo and Laila are now available. The pups are beautiful and will be ready to join their families before Halloween.

Leo and Laila represent the bringing together of the top appraising pedigrees as identified by the leading Boerboel breeding societies – SABBS and NABBA. If you are interested in a dog that is an exceptional representation of this amazing breed than consider contacting us.

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About Us

We desire to breed Boerboels of a high standard able to perform their task as well as being attractive. All of our Boerboels live within family environments, and are raised with children.

We also desire to maintain our integrity – and in contacting us you will receive honest answers to your questions rather than a sales pitch. We want to ensure that those who become interested in purchasing Boerboel puppies from us will be fully satisfied. If that means recommending a different breeder or breed to you, we hope to be honest in doing that.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our Boerboels and upcoming litters of Boerboel puppies.