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Dekken Boerboels… A “Microbreedery”

We are not in the business of just breeding dogs – in fact, our craft isn’t even a business. Learn more about us and our dogs to understand why we are Boerboel enthusiasts. 

We hope to have a final litter with Petra in early 2023, and then we will look to the next generation of our dogs to contribute to the program (i.e. Storm, Kezzie, Thor).

We do currently have adult dogs available for adoption. Some of these dogs have been retired from breeding and others are younger and would be placed with breeding agreements. If you might have interst in an adult dog please be in touch and we can share more information.

We also anticipate having a few additional pups to sell in the Spring of 2023 with Egoli Boerboels. These pups could be ideal for those who have interest in breeding, and who also might want to partner with us through some type of breeder arrangement.

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch by phone for the latest informtaion. It is best if you txt or call Todd at 717-514-9779.

It isn’t uncommon for timing of litters and availability of pups to change, and this website isn’t the best means to receive current information.

We look forward to connecting with you and helping you find a boerboel puppy that is the right fit for you, whether that is from our breeding program or some other program we feel good about recommending.


Laila’s father is currently the worlds highest appraised Boerboel in the world on the new linear appraisal system (SABBS, KLEIN SANDFONTEIN JUDGE). Other dogs in her lineage are among the top scoring Boerboel dogs within the breed (Middelpos Alpha). Laila has been retired from our program but we continue to breed her lineage throgh her offspring (i.e. Petra, Thor and Kezzie)


Leo received the highest appraisal score in the U.S. in 2017, and maintained that top score among Boerboels appraised in 2018 (NABBA). Sadly we lost Leo in 2020 due to complications from Lyme Disease. He made tremendous contributions to our program and to many families, which can continue for some time through banked semen and advances in artificial insemination.


Raven is our black beauty. Her grandfather was the highest appraised black male Boerboel (Spitsvuur Ramkat). Raven helped usher in the next generation of our breeding program and is now retired. Her lineage lives on thorugh Diesel, Lulu and other offspring.


Diesel is a large black male with excellent confirmation. He comes from Raven and Dekken Dante. He has excellent temperament and confidence. He is now a cornerstone of our breeding program. 


Lulu is Diesel’s sister and she is a large and very strong female. She is alert, confident and affectionate.  She also has excellent confirmation and she produced her first litter of beautiful pups in July 2020. We hope to have a second litter with Lulu in early 2022.


Dekken Petra is an example of what our program has been working to achieve for well over a decade. We are very excited to pair Petra in 2022 with Diesel.  Petra is the daughter of Leo and Laila. She is the perfect combination of her amazing parents and has excellent confirmation to the breed standard.

Our Story

Good friends of ours in Philadelphia had bred Cane Corsos, Pressa Canarios, and Fila Brasileros before they migrated to Boerboels. We apprenticed with them, and they later passed along their program to our family. It was easy to fall in love with the Breed and have since enjoyed working to improve it.

More on our story…

The Mighty Boerboel…

We desire to breed Boerboels of a high standard as well as being attractive. All of our Boerboels live within family environments, and are raised with children.

In contacting us you will receive honest answers to your questions rather than a sales pitch. We want to ensure those who become interested in purchasing Boerboel puppies from us will be fully satisfied. If that means recommending a different breeder or breed to you, we hope to be honest in doing that.








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