Boerboel Puppies for Sale

South African Boerboel Puppies

Please reach out and contact us to learn about upcoming litters.


Know that our pricing is consistent with other reputable breeders who are first and foremost invested in enhancing the quality of the breed — not simply breeding dogs.


Our breeding program is intentionally small scale (“Microbreedery”), family-based and committed to high degrees of quality and customer/ family satisfaction. Come visit us and our Dogs. We look forward to getting to know you and to learn about your interests in the breed.


If you decide to partner with our program we have a $75 non-refundable reservation fee to be on our puppy order list. Once we have litter confirmation and a family has interest in a pup from that litter they are asked to pay a deposit of $500, which goes toward the total purchase price of the pup. The order of picking a puppy from a given litter is typically ordered by date the reservation fee is paid. We use a pretty standard sales agreement that is signed upon puppy purchase and transfer.

As the breeder, we do reserve the right under rare circumstances to return a family’s deposit and decline sale of a puppy if we determine a pup from our program isn’t a good fit for a particular family or scenario. We also retain breeding rights to our dogs unless we negotiate the sale of such rights to another established breeder. Selling breeding rights of a female pup is something we consider on a case by case basis. We have also helped establish new breeders in the past, such as establishing stud agreements.


For more immediate updates on litters follow us on FB and be in touch by phone or email